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Just ran across this on INDIEGOGO. Looked interesting. You might agree.

95% of survival situations are resolved in 72 hours. But those first 72 hours are extremely critical. With this in mind, our kits are carefully curated to provide you everything you need, and nothing you don’t to get through those vital 3 days. We aren’t weighing you down with things you will never use, and we don’t sell you things that aren’t going to help. Just the essentials, organized so even the most inexperienced among us will have the tools and instructions to change their situation for the better. https://unchartedsupplyco.com/company/our-story



The Martian | Andy Weir




I had my joke

Time to be serious.

This is one fine book. I am listening to it on audio book from Audible.com


Eleven hours


I like audio books. Easy on the eyes. Accessible while driving to and from work. Multi-tasking friendly. 

Whether in hardcover, paperback, eBook, iBook, or audio book … READ THIS BOOK. Unless of course you hate science fiction. (Why would anyone hate science fiction?)

The Martian is in the same class as Apollo 13Castaway, and Gravity. It is a satisfying survival/rescue story replete with lots of techie goodness, human compassion, bureaucratic assholery, and will-to-survive. Prior to seeing the movie trailer, I was unaware of this book. The movie, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon is looking better and better.





Walther Weed Whacker

Cold, wet, rainy, miserable. It’s late fall / early winter on the Texas Gulf Coast. Temperature in the 50s for the foreseeable future. Add to this that the backyard of Cat Beard Manor has become quite junglefied. The Calla Lilies have encroached the walkway to the back door. I’m carrying in all of the groceries from our Christmas food shopping and getting tired of brushing against the cold wet leaves each time I go in and out the back door.

But wait, I have the Walther® Mach Tac 1 Machete given to me over the summer. Never had a use for it. My trailblazing days are but a distant memory.

It was like attacking warm butter with a searing-hot knife. So very satisfying. Like spindly-legged green zombies hacked off at the ankles. I’ll clear the carnage away later when it’s drier.

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SOG Specialty Knives and Tools

I am not a collector of knives and tools, per se, but I do appreciate well made technology. SOG is one of these companies … with a history. I discovered SOG while investigating various multi-tools. They have an excellent selection of very well built and functional multi-tools. (http://www.sogknives.com/tactical/multi-tools.html)

After much back and forth I finally decided to order the black Powerduo Multitool shown below.


Below are some fascinating videos on the history of SOG.

Take point  

Interview w/ Spencer Frazier


Remember, try to restrain yourself. You probably don’t need to buy them all.

Tactical Machete

By the same folks who brought you James Bond’s PPK …

Walther® Mach Tac 1 Machete
Solves problems “chop chop”

Wicked Walther® Mach Tac 1 Machete.

Human-powered weed wacker with killer looks! Here’s a “hedge trimmer” that never runs out of gas. Take the battle to undergrowth with a vengeance. This name-brand Walther® wonder is ready.

Razor-sharp 440 stainless steel 15 3/4″l. blade
Guthook design on spine of blade
Contoured synthetic grip
Modern, hybrid blade design for effective slashing
Protective nylon sheath.
Blade is 3/16″ thick. Machete is 21 2/3″l. overall. Weighs 1 lb., 1 oz.

Available at sportsmansguide.com

ZD-873 Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense – 873 Bug Out Bag

You know you want it 😉


Screen shots included below (click link above or any picture to go to the page)



Oh sure, real preppers may poo-poo this and say they can get better cheaper somewhere else. They may be right. If so please comment below. Everyone likes options. 😉

Untitled, Unedited, & Coming Undone

I spent Thanksgiving weekend reading Untitled, Unedited, & Coming Undone available from the Amazon Kindle store.


From an Amazon Review

[5 stars] A Powerful Emotional Self Exploration of Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse

While I do not personally know anyone who has been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, I can imagine that this would be a good book for both the abused and anyone working through a relationship with someone who was abused. L. T. Is a strong, beautiful woman who is baring her soul about the pain and suffering she has endured at multiple stages in her life. It is a cathartic stream of consciousness interlaced with a well written fictionalized storyline. I found myself living in her world; crying at the sadness, seething with her anger, cheering for her successes. This is not a children’s book. It is filled with adult conflict and the kind of language many of us wish we could rain down on our own critics. Nevertheless the reader is swept into the maelstrom at page one and held in it’s grip until it spits you out at the end.

Like most e-books it’s cheap ($2.99) and the Kindle App is free for all devices and systems.

The style is reminiscent of a movie watched with the director’s commentary turned on. The content is dark, but the writing has humorous moments. At all times the humanity and perseverance of the author shines through.

This is certainly a book for any adult of any gender who wants to understand the psyche of the abused woman. I can also imagine that it would provide a sense of community to other abused women.

To say I enjoyed it may not be the right word considering the content but I was uplifted by the author’s struggle and victories.

If you read it, please leave a review on Amazon and feel free to leave a comment here.