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Posted Timestamp Issue to WordPress for iOS

This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1

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If interested you may follow at:

If you are reading this …

This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1

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… You can help!

Read the previous post or the previous several posts. Every time I update a post, the timestamp gets reset to an earlier time. Update enough and it gets reset to an earlier day – this changes the URL and breaks retrospective links.

Would you please repeat my steps, just update a post several times (add space, add a word, delete a word) and note the time stamp. If it changes, reply to this post.

Am I the only one having this problem?

Must have scotch …

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1

I am happy 🙂
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After documenting to my own satisfaction … and hopefully to your satisfaction … I need scotch. Smoky not chill filtered, no coloring added, single malt scotch.

Being unable to go back and edit my previous posts puts the kibosh on my ability to tidy up and standardize various grammatical aspects.

I am sad 😦

Mmmmm scotch

Ongoing WP Problems

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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I am editing and updating Timeline, my previous post. Today is February 2nd, but after my last update of Timeline it shows up as February 1st!


Wash, rinse, repeat

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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Ok so I deleted Version 3.9 and I re-downloaded from the Apple iPhone App Store

The post was created @ 11:41 PM February 3rd 2014



1st update @ 11:44 PM 2014/02/03


Kill all Apps and relaunch the WP App. View the stats


2nd update at @ 11:53 2014/02/03

Note the change in the timestamp


3rd update @ 11:55 2014/02/03


4th update @ 11:56 2014/02/03
Note the date change. This will change the URL


5th update @ 11:58 2014/02/03
Note the post order has now changed


6th update @ 12:03 2014/02/04


Prior to the 7th save the URL for this post is


8th update @ 12:09 2014/02/04


After the 8th update the URL is now

I hope that this clearly shows the issue I am seeing


Fear of Updating or …

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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… Troubleshooting Part Two

UPDATE – I just edited this and now the posting order is out of date! This post actually follows

I also just edited Timeline and now it is timestamped yet another day earlier with a URL of

In my previous two posts in noticed that when I updated Timeline, the creation time and URL changed. If the URL changes every time I update it screws up all of my links!

So I took a look at the activity logs.

Really geeky debug stuff follows

Continue reading Fear of Updating or …

Post, edit, update, repeat

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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Created approximately 5:58 PM


Update @ 6:02 PM


Upload screen capture and update @ 6:04 PM


Upload image @ 6:06 PM and update


Upload image @ 6:08 PM and update


Repeat @ 6:10 PM


Repeat @ 6:11 PM


Repeat @ 6:12 PM


Repeat @ 6:14 PM


Repeat @ 6:16 PM





PS the new link function does not work. I had to manually code the HTML for the above link. Below is what I saw when I clicked the link icon



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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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In 42 days of Pain and WordPress iPhone App FAIL I describe the problem I am having with the latest WordPress iPhone App by Automattic (Version 3.9, January 30, 2014)

Step 1

I go to Contrafactual and choose Menu > Topics and chose Day 46

This is the URL

Next I use the iPhone App to edit and publish Day 46

I click on Menu > Topics and chose Day 46

No problem ???

So let me go thru all of Menu > Topics and see what links are broken

Broken links: Day 42, Day 51, Day 52, Day 53

All posts I edited on Friday January 31

Below are the URLs for the above posts





So, yesterday updates posted to a different URL, but today there are no apparent problems. ?????

Cue Rod Serling …

Look at the time stamp on Troubleshooting below. I published this at 3:28 PM


Followed by this


42 Days of Pain

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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In my previous post, I described the problem I having with the latest Version 3.9, January 30, 2014 release of the WordPress iPhone App.

When I go back to update older posts (in this case edits to the Day 42 / The Nudist War serialized novel), the update gets written to a new URL: vs

This means that ALL of my links are now invalid. If you try to read the series you will get


Really annoying 😦

I am sure that Automattic will fix this, but it could be a while.

I have submitted a public question about this at:

I don’t know if this is an iPhone-specific problem or more widespread, but if you edit an older post and the URL changes you now know why.


WordPress iPhone App FAIL

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This issue has been fixed in 3.9.1
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The latest WordPress iPhone App by Automattic (Version 3.9, January 30, 2014) writes update to the wrong folder.

For example the first entry of Day 42 (The Nudist War) has ALWAYS been located at:

After editing and saving it is now located at:


I discovered this after going back and editing earlier posts.

I thought the post had disappeared until I did a search on Day 42.

Next step … Contacting Automatic 😦

Rocket Man – what is wrong?

Despite all the other fun bits that I include in my blog … my cats, the interesting YouTube video, various fun facts, music, history … my real reason for blogging is that I want to write fiction. I currently have two main streams of fiction: the Day 42 zombie saga and the Mars collection of science fiction short stories.

I recently wrote a new short story titled Rocket Man.

I included various supplementary material on either side of it. Prior to posting Rocket Man. I reblogged both Phobos Rising and Jumper. After I posted it, I included a history of the Rocket Man song. Intermixed with this was a variety of other video posts and a cat post.

The material on either side of the Rocket Man short story got numerous ‘likes’ … yet Rocket Man got only a single ‘like’.

I am perplexed.

• Did you read it and not like it?

• If you read it and did not like it, can you tell me what you disliked?

Be frank I’m a big boy I can take criticism.

• If you didn’t read it why not?

As always I am extremely appreciative of your feedback.

Thanks cb


So my neighbor sends me the following email:

Hey all,

Please forward this to all of your mailbox addresses and ask them to do the same.

I bought a policy from this company (CHOICE HOME WARRANTY) and the sales rep told me that if they couldn’t repair an item it would be replaced as long as regular maintenance was kept up. I have regular maint on my equip, but the company still will not repair my furnace as “valves are not covered” and then the Director of the company named Alex who reports to no one but the President of the Company told me that no sales rep told me that. I beg to differ with Alex, but when I told him the rep did say that, Alex said that was not true and to me, he may just have called me a liar. Please do not buy a policy from CHOICE HOME WARRANTY and make sure that all your friends get the info.

Let the country know this outfit (CHOICE HOME WARRANTY) might insinuate that you are a liar as well, and that my friends came at the cost of $1,125.00.

He was obviously angry

So I did some web sleuthing …

Continue reading Rip-off


Apologies for those waiting for the next day of the Day 42 series. The Mrs spent another week in the hospital. “Winter” has arrived here, with temperatures in the 40s and rain and gloom. She got out Friday.

I have mostly been reading and spent yesterday (Sunday) sleeping.

I’ll leave you with some recent cat photos. They need no explanation.








A conversation with CB

This Friday I’m taking today off from work and were going on a road trip to Austin Texas. And by this Friday I mean today is Friday.

As you recall I got one of the brand-new iPhone 5s models.(See bragging rights)

This post is an experiment in technology. And by this post I mean today’s post. For some reason dictation wants to use the work this when I say today.

This entire post is being dictated on my iPhone 5s. With the occasional delete for extra spaces or perhaps a type for punctuation it’s 100% dictated. You’re even getting the mistakes I’m just going back and clarifying them when I see something.

I am dictating it a sentence at a time. Because it needs to go up to the web to analyze what I’ve just said. And I don’t want to be too long string of words per dictation.

I’m learning about dictation it excepts the phrase single quote
Single quote for a carriage return. Okay that did not work let’s try something else it accepts “new – line “as a carriage return. That’s better.

Pretty slick, Anna.? Are you A a a RRR GGG HHH ask Glenn nation point!

A a a RRR GGG HHH! Did not understand our, Rather yar, But it didn’t understand “exclamation – point”! And by didn’t I meant did.

It is not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. Backspace delete okay this commands don’t work okay those commands did not work. Return return sorry

One (space

One) I have been writing Contra factual using the iPhone almost exclusively since I got the iPhone

Two) I have been making a lot of progress on the day 42 series. There will be no date 48 teasers I hope to have it out complete in a day or two. Day 48 T-shirts. To sit up ha ha Ha. Ha ha ha day 48 teaser.

Three) I am simultaneously working on the ending of the series. But I don’t know how far to go before I start going into ending mode. As they say all good things must come to an end. They also say “this too shall pass”. Although in truth once I switched to ending mode the ending could go on quite a long time. I’m excited to get to the ending, but then endings are always sad.

Four)(Finally!) again completely dictated no corrections mean made– ––– – now I have completely forgotten but .4 was supposed to be. And by .4 I mean line for by line for I mean four)

Pi equals 3.141?

Five (

Five) to WH EW. When last I looked I had over 80 people following this blog. But I think I really only have a quarter of perhaps I half-dozen loyal readers. And by quarter I mean core. You know who you are.

Six) ignoring this particular post., Do you think my writing is good enough to publish? Specifically would you pay real money for something I wrote? More specifically would you pay real money for a digital copy of day 42 in its entirety? And finally would you recommend day 42 to others? Use the reply option to answer.

Seven) this is what I am thinking; and by “; “I meant quote: “, And by quote: “I meant quote:”. It is curious to me why sometimes it decides to print quotequotequote and it other times just a single quote.”Eddie likes cheese”. That was interesting. The logic of this thing is “inscrutable”.

Eight”) okay so this is what I am thinking. I will continue to serialize a 42 on my blog. But once I get to the point where I think it’s finished or close to finished, I will work toward assembling it into a single e-book. At which point I will go back and embellish each of the days as I see appropriate, Such that the e-book will be a more complex version of the serialize story. So my question then to my readers is: what do you buy it or recommend that someone else by it assuming is at a reasonable price for e-book like a couple of bucks bastion Mark. Ha ha Ha. And by bastion Mark, I mean “?”.

Nine) why am I going to Austin today? Number one son is getting married on Sunday. I will be enjoying a long weekend. I will be reconnecting with white okay ES. And by white okay S I mean yolks open paren E old kid sister). Sorry.. Sorry.– – S I GH– – letter Y oh Kay S. Period. Period…. Wedding of number one son. I will also the room that reuniting with my wife’s sister. Period. I will also be we uniting with my wife’s sister. And her husband. Who I knew in college.

11) need more coffee! Standby…

12 open paren
12) just shot a video of Hillary and pickles. I’ll look for it shortly after this post

As number six would say “BCNU”. LOL

As number six would say “be seeking you”

As number six would say “be C C C in I give up

That thing that number six in the show the prisoner used to say

Life …

The thing that occurs in between bouts of blogging.

“This week I’ve been suffering a serious bout of ‘life’. Without a doubt it has interfered with my ability to blog.

Without boring you with details it involved family members, hospitals, and lack of sleep. Rest assured everything has resolved satisfactorily and we are all happily getting back to another week of normality.

Good news, I did get three days of Day 42 written.

Bad news, they’re way in the future I can’t show them to you yet.

Fiction / Reality

Here’s a thought …

When writing a fictional piece in a real location, how much of it should be fiction how much it should be real. Up to now I’ve tried to keep everything pretty much frictional. Yet Galveston is a real place and now I am faced with dealing with the reality of it.

Thanks to my stupid valued technical advisor I’m having to put in more reality than I had originally considered. As such it is taking me longer to research and longer to work on the plot devices. So please bear with me.

Technical Advisors

Stupid Technical Advisors

So instead of getting the completed Day 47 today, you are instead getting this incoherent rant about technical advisors.

The role of the technical advisor is to assure that the plot of a story, TV show, or movie stays believable within the level of “suspension of disbelief” required by the storyline. Apparently my “technical advisor” (a close friend of mine) thinks that one of my plot devices, key to Day 47, is unlikely and/or unrealistic and/or impossible within the current norms of personal behavior and/or the Laws of Physics.

Now I have to completely re-write that section, leaving you, my poor, desperate readers waiting yet another day to find out what Eddy saw.

Oh well, as long as these fixes keep you from going “Well that’s just stupid” and stop following this story altogether, the corrections are worthwhile.

Be patient.


Ever since iOS 6, Apple has included a microphone icon on the keyboard.


Above you can easily see the microphone icon. Next to it is the icon for changing between international keyboards.

One of the things that I don’t like about the iPhone is the fact that the keys on the keyboard are too small for my fat fingers.

I’m testing what I can do with dictation. In fact this entire post has been dictated using my iPhone. It’s really very amazing; yet another example of Arthur C Clark’s “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the microphone for the iPhone is on the bottom and so I have to be careful about how I hold it otherwise I cover the microphone with my thumb and of course then it doesn’t work. I also just noticed that it doesn’t like the word “thumb”. I get “some”; I get “from”; but I don’t get thumb.

However I think it’s good enough. I plan to begin dictating all of my posts on my iPhone. I think I’ll use it on my next installment of Day 42 (DayZ of DiZeaZe).

Typing on an iPad

As you should know by now, I maintain this blog and create all of my written content on a first generation iPad given to me by Ye Olde Kid Sister out of pity for my lack of an iPhone and other modern technology. Truth be told, my employer provided my with a giant HP laptop PC that I used for everything at work and at home. It had a whopping 2 hour battery life. I thought of it as a portable desktop with a built in UPS. Since my new position (same employer) lets me stay at my desk, I keep it chained there now.

Anyway, the iPad is FANTASTIC and I am looking forward to jumping many generations into the future this fall when the new iPads are shipping. I cannot recommend the iPad strongly enough. (Apple haters … substitute Google/Samsung/Android tablet) Tablet technology is here to stay.

But … the built-in, popup, keyboard is finicky. I don’t know if is my fat fingers, the fact that I am a hunt-and-peck typist, or auto correct, but I seem to be in a non-stop battle with my keyboard. Yeah, yeah, I know that that they make all kinds of physical keyboards for the iPad; some standalone, some attached as part of a case. But I am doing this “old school” – using the built-in keyboard (old school???)

21st Century I.P.


Hey Googstapos … To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, “You’ve got at lot of damn gall to come after folks who include copyrighted music in their YouTube videos when you collect and store FOREVER every damn bit of personal information you can about us to be used against us to try to sell us crap we don’t need!”

OK … That about sums up the rest of this post. This is an incoherent rant. Deal with it.

Weggieboy’s comments on my JOSIV5 post hit a nerve.

Now I am not a lawyer and I don’t even play one on TV, so I have no legal insight here. But consider the following: let’s say

    I invite you to my house to listen to my LP record of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my house to listen to my 8-track of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my house to listen to my Compact Cassette of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my house to listen to my CD of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my house to listen to my self-ripped digital copy of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to my house to listen to my iTunes Match digital C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I invite you to a local coffee shop and play C. W. McCall’s Convoy for you on my iPhone
    I come to your house and play C. W. McCall’s Convoy for you on my iPhone
    I upload C. W. McCall’s Convoy to YouTube and send you the link to listen to it
    I find someone else’s YouTube posting of C. W. McCall’s Convoy and send you the link
    I give you a digital copy of C. W. McCall’s Convoy
    I sell you a digital copy of C. W. McCall’s Convoy

Oh and somewhere in there is “I go to a local coffee shop and play C. W. McCall’s Convoy loud enough that everyone can hear it.”

Do you see where this is going?

Let’s try to separate “ethical” from “legal”. “Ethical” is doing the right thing. “Legal” is some arbitrary construct decided upon by lawyers and the courts, often in favor of big business and the rich. I say the rich, because the poor and middle class have neither the time nor the money to hire the lawyers to write the laws.

Ethical is paying artists for their work. Legal is making sure that the corporate entities who bought the rights to the music get every penny possible in order to pay large CEO salaries and lawyers to ensure they get every possible penny.

Ethical is not selling something that is not yours to sell. Legal is making sure that no one has access to art, music, information, or technology without paying for it. (How do libraries even exist anymore?)

So back to my scenario of C. W. McCall’s Convoy above. At what point does it stop being Ethical? Selling you a digital copy sounds unethical to me. Giving it to you … possibly. Letting you listen to it? I would argue that every scenario where I let you listen to it, whether at my home, or at the coffee shop, or via a link on the Internet is ethical. Implicit in this is that if you like it and want to listen to it again … you go buy it. (Thus my links to Amazon and iTunes for C. W. McCall’s Greatest Hits). Just ask yourself “What’s the right thing to do? How would I like to be treated? Think of the Golden Rule.

Legal is an entirely different answer. Selling a digital copy? Illegal. Giving a digital copy? Illegal. Posting online via YouTube for one-time use? Illegal. Uploading for download and unlimited use? Illegal. Play in public for others to hear? Illegal. (It is illegal to even sing Happy Birthday in public without paying royalties). Playing for a friend to listen to while in the physical presence of your friend? (lawyers: is there a way we can get him to pay to listen? No? Whaaaa) OK Legal

Ethical – everyone knows what feels right. Just ask the question “Is this fair? How would I like to be treated?”
Legal – you don’t know what is legal without access to the law or statute, the legal opinions handed down by the courts, or a lawyer to explain it to you. Two different lawyers might give two different interpretations.

Ethical is about fair.
Legal is about greed.

Now hold on a minute … You say “We need laws, otherwise people could just do whatever the wanted.” True. But how many laws are at the end of the day all about the Benjamins. ($$$)

Sharing is a fundamentally socialist construct. You can’t make money when people share things. That is the problem with the Internet. Is was designed at its very core to be collaborative, to share. Hence the ability of hyperlinks to jump all over the web. The ease of embedding images and videos from other sites. It was never about making money. You will notice that there are no ads on my site. I am not making any money off of this site. My links to iTunes and Amazon were “doing the right thing” … if you like the music, buy it “here”. Rest assured when (if) I finally have a book to sell, I will direct you to a site that will accept your hard earned currency in exchange for my product, but until then just do the right thing.

Copyright Law

The idea of Copyright Law was an attempt to assure one had the ability to profit from one’s work for a period of time before it transferred to the Public Domain. There was a fixed period of time. Now it seems that copyrights are bought and sold, renewed, long out-living their original owners. Multinational corporations now hold the copyright to books, music, movies in perpetuity. They never go into the public domain. At least it seems that way. Ethical is making sure a musician is paid for his music while he/she is alive. Legal is making sure that the corporate entity that bought the rights from the musician or his/her estate continues to make money from it as long as (legally) possible.

Patent Law

Same thing with Patent Law. At one time patents were only granted to things, actual working prototypes of machines. Now any concept no matter how general or far-fetched can be patented. And it is in the best interest of the patent applicant to patent as many variations as possible to keep another person from patenting the invention out from under him and then suing or threatening to sue once the item is in production.

Even so most patent cases either end up in court or patent trolls end up extorting money from manufacturers who can not afford to go to court. Once in court, the rulings are either completely arbitrary, or determined by the skill of the winning legal team.

Oh well, it’s late. I’m tired. I’ve blown off steam. There is so more more to vent about on this subject, but not now. Respond if you wish.


Cool, thanks!

Cool, thanks!


Woo Hoo

Cool, thanks! So much in so little. So terse. So Scalzi.

So I sent John Scalzi the following email

Hi John,

Attached is the second post from the blog I started last month. I blame you.


Chris Bergman (aka cat-beard)

PS I have been managing to post semi-daily and already have a small following.

with my second ever post attached (John Scalzi)

What great four-week anniversary present. 🙂

Cool, thanks! JSYES!

Blogging is …

Tomorrow is the four-week anniversary of

Hard to believe isn’t it. Well it is hard for me to believe. I have 38 followers! [52 as of August 20] Take a look at the stats below.


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Opinionated Man for reblogging my Aberlour A’bunadh post. But OM just opened the door for me. It is to you dear readers to whom I owe the greatest debt of thanks. You read my posts and found them interesting enough to follow, and like, and comment on.

Blogging is like a nuclear reaction. Not a nuclear bomb, but a self sustaining and growing interaction. Spreading by word of mouth, growing exponentially. Like the ping pong ball examples below, but self regenerating.

Blogging is also a human search engine, in many ways better than Google or Bing. When I was emailed the link to the Russian dashcam video, I posted it thinking it would be interesting to you. I liked the music, but would not have anyway to find out what it was. However JeonicDe read my post, watched the video, saw my comment, and told me … no us, all of us … that it was by the group Two Steps from Hell and the song was Strength of a Thousand Men. He even posted an embedded video of the music. I then went to iTunes and down loaded it. Instantly. How cool is that.

I grew up in a world where NONE of this existed, as did many of you depending on your age. Do you ever stop to Stand and Stare at the beauty and miracle of this. This is the basis for my unfinished essay Welcome to the Future . So much of my childhood dreams and fantasies have come true in ways I could never have guessed.

I started this as a way to practice my writing and get feedback on it. What I didn’t expect was to establish a global network of people I would otherwise never have met. This is something I could never have anticipated.

But it is now time to pay the piper … not you, me, well maybe you. I need to get back to writing. More writing. Less blogging. For a short while. So for a short while I will take a break from blogging to focus on writing (with the odd break to follow your blogs).

In the mean time you might take a look at my revised About, Contra…what?, and Topics Pages.

Be seeing you …

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